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About Yemen

About Yemen by AS & GK


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The Republic of Yemen is the second largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. The country has been going through challenging times for quite a while now. After the former president Saleh resigned from his office in 2011 – after a long period of protests and struggles – a national dialogue conference has worked out suggestions for the country’s future. Before all stakeholders involved in this process were able to implement changes though, the Houthis have begun their march to the capital, claiming more influence in Yemen’s power structure. Various efforts to rekindle the national dialogue have met with a rise in violence. The Yemen’s president Hadi has been forced to leave the capital Sana’a in January 2015 and then escaped to the city of Aden.

Two months later an outright war started, beginning with an attack of the Aden airport and then culminating in a battle between Houthis and associated groups on the one hand, and presidential forces in a Saudi-Arabian led coalition on the other hand. Now, by the beginning of June 2015, around 2.000 people have been killed in air-strikes and battles on the ground and more than 8000 have been injured. The humanitarian situation in Yemen is dire: food, medication and fuel are very limited. People are hungry, sick, and scared but still they hope for better times. For a non-violent future.